The Right Man for the Job: A Novel

The Right Man for the Job: A NovelAt Once Riotous And Disturbing, Insightful And Inspired, The Right Man For The Job Is An Exquisitely Detailed Portrait Of Hope And Desperation That Centers On Two Men Who Repossess Furniture And Appliances For A Local Rental Company, Their Frustrations At Life In General, And The Tragedy That Sends One Life Spinning Wildly Out Of Control. I ve spent a good chunk of these past two weekends weeding through my bookshelves in preparation to move, picking off things that I ve read once and never will read again, or which have been lingering around for years unread and uninteresting to me any longer This book was one I received from Bookmooch about five years ago, chosen on an idle day of reading summaries of available books when I had excess points to spend and had decided that nothing else looked even halfway interesting It moved with me from college in Pittsburgh back to my parents house in Plumstead to my apartment in Doylestown, brightening up my bookshelves but remaining unread Did I really want to bother moving it again It almost went into the giveaway pile this weekend But as I held it I thought about all of the other books I ve picked up and read and loved, without publicity being the first thing to alert me of their existence Legend of a Suicide, Elisa Albert s books, The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break I decided to take the chance and put it back on the shelf.And then it snowed in freaking October, and the electric and heat went out for 24 hours, killing pun completely intended the marathon of The Walking Dead I had planned for this weekend and my Halloweenish mood in general With nothing else to claim my deficient attention, I picked up the book again and read it by candlelight in two layers of clothing huddled under two b
Liked it A good story about a few folks with no much going for them Don t look for a lot of redemption here Start low and finish low. This novel is raw, powerful, and funny The down on his luck guy from Wisconsin has run away from his problems and finds himself trying to collect from people behind on their rent to own payments I read this book a long time ago, but its tone and emotions has stuck with me The main character is not your Wisconsin dude that farms or works for the state and listens to NPR No, this novel is about a guy you would find drinking at a
What a terrific book I ve been cleaning out my bookshelves and this little gem had been sitting around for years A sad, funny story of a repo man in the hood, but about so much , too I ve never read a book quite like this and I would recommend it to anyone. Picked this up somewhere along the way b c I really loved Magnuson s memoir Heft on Wheels A Field Guide to Doing a 180 Enjoyed it enough to run through it in a week, looking forward to getting back to it each evening I guees this really should be 3.5 stars.Reasons for 4 stars Good fiction writing about working class folks engaging story and characters.Reasons for 3 stars Ending,
i ve had the book for years and have tried on several occasions to get through it never managed than the first chapter though but, these are different times and i m bound and determined to NOT pack this
This story starts out promising with the fish out of water tale of a white repo man from the backwoods of Wisconsin dragging cribs and couches from the project houses of ghetto Cleveland Then to the detriment
A white repro man working in black inner city. I bought this only because I went to college with this guy and had to find out what he was up to I was glad it was a good read. The first book I read by this author Pretty good.

[PDF] The Right Man for the Job: A Novel By Mike Magnuson –
  • Hardcover
  • 289 pages
  • The Right Man for the Job: A Novel
  • Mike Magnuson
  • English
  • 12 June 2018
  • 9780060187101