The Coffee Book: Anatomy of an Industry from Crop to the Last Drop

The Coffee Book: Anatomy of an Industry from Crop to the Last DropA Freshly Updated Edition Of The Best Introduction To One Of The World S Most Popular Products, The Coffee Book Is Jammed Full Of Facts, Figures, Cartoons, And Commentary Covering Coffee From Its First Use In Ethiopia In The Sixth Century To The Rise Of Starbucks And The Emergence Of Fair Trade Coffee In The Twenty First The Book Explores The Process Of Cultivation, Harvesting, And Roasting From Bean To Cup Surveys The Social History Of Caf Society From The First Coffeehouses In Constantinople To Beatnik Havens In Berkeley And Greenwich Village And Tells The Dramatic Tale Of High Stakes International Trade And Speculation For A Product That Can Make Or Break Entire National Economies It Also Examines The Industry S Major Players, Revealing How They Have Systematically Reduced The Quality Of The Bean And Turned A Much Loved Product Into A Commodity And Lifestyle Accoutrement, Ruining The Lives Of Millions Of Farmers Around The World In The Process.Finally, The Coffee Book, Hailed As A Best Business Book By Library Journal When It Was First Published, Considers The Exploitation Of Labor And Damage To The Environment That Mass Cultivation Causes, And Explores The Growing Conscious Coffee Market And Fair Trade Movement. This is an incredibly rich read about everyone s favorite cup of Joe Ever wondered why it s got that AKA You find out that and so much in this anatomy of the coffee industry from time immemorial to that cu
Lots of bias within the book But certain parts were helpful in understanding the process of coffee cultivation, and differences between coffee beans and roasts, etc A lot of charts and talk about the things the author was passionate about Does not present the other side of the argument. An interesting take on the history of the coffee industry, from primary producers to intermediate processors and end consumer markets Appreciated the author s research into these areas, definitely an insightful book. Less useful than other books in illustrating the seed to cup movements Meh Both too casual and not casual enough. Very hard to tell fact information from political and ideological blurb A waste of time, unless you are a debater that has to present a marxist interpretation of the coffee world. This book is a very good overview of coffee in terms of the product, its history, and where it stands now It does read a bit like a textbook, which may make it a bit dry at times in terms of the reading experience this is really the reason I give it three stars instead of four Also some of the book layout could have been a bit better The various notes on companies, so on in the margins were interesting, but distracting from the main text, and since they often went for multiple pages, it meant either retracing your steps after reading a passage, or dropping the passage you were reading to read the note, then retrace where you dropped off in the main narrative These notes could have been placed at the end of chapters, for instance, to make the reading experience flow better But those details aside, this is a very well researched book It covers a lot of ground It is not really a microhistory, but you get to learn a lot about coffee You get a little bit of history You learn about the busi
What a great read The brief overview of the origins of coffee, is perfect The authors instead of dwelling on a subject covered in many other books, have chosen to instead illuminate the present day story of the little bean that shapes nations The authors have chosen to present the social and economic impact of the coffee bean in broad strokes They could have gone into greater detail something I would love to read , but this would have lead to a much drier read, and would have alienated a lot of readers Instead we get a book that shows how coffee has shaped the finances of dozens of countries and how much it has, and is, changing the business plans of some of the worlds largest corporations.I read the original 1997 edition and I am looking forwa
The book gives an overall good review of the industry, giving lots of facts about the whole supply chain It also helps to understand how the industry works, who is important and who is overlooked However, I find the format very poor The facts are presented one by one in every sentence, when they could take a group of
Economically, coffee is the world s second most valuable traded commodity, behind only petroleum Yes, I gave the coffee book Five Stars and I wish that I could give this book than five stars hmm, The brief History of coffee was my fa
I admit that I didn t finish this book entirely I picked it up from the library just out of curiosity This book explains coffee in explicit detail the different types, when where how it became popular and why It also delves into economic influences and how coffee has ev

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