Rational Recovery: The New Cure for Substance Addiction

Rational Recovery: The New Cure for Substance AddictionSocial Worker Jack Trimpey S Major Breakthrough In Recovering From Substance Addiction Is An Unprecedented Process That Is Fully Explained InRational Recovery, Your First Step Towards Freedom.For Those Who Are Looking To Make An Extreme Change In Their Lives, Rational Recovery Is A Proven Recovery Process And Accessible Instructional Guide For All Who Are Dealing With Substance Addiction If You Have Been Discouraged By Traditional Approaches To Addiction Recovery, Then Rational Recovery Will Show How You Can Defeat Addiction And Remain Sober For The Rest Of Your Life. Got this book a while back..and started reading it and wasn t too sure at first..but I have picked it up again..and it really is great I think it is a great alternative to AA or not even an alternative..just a great way to start thinking differently or approaching situations that sometimes have a tendency to influence you to rebel against responsibility I like the way he writes and how it is about helping yourself and not surrendering yourself to some 12 step program or to the church This book gets you to think for yourself..well so far it has done that for me It is helping me to rethink what i really want to do when things that trigger me to want to go out and get wasted and it s not the weekend or just what i really want to do but used to doing I have started reading it again and I think before I act
Jack Trimpey has some valid points regarding logical inconsistencies of the twelve step programs and philosophy but his writing style detracts considerably from the effectiveness of his presentation I have no issue with the idea that AA and its brethern may not work for everyone but from Trimpey s soapbox point of view one pictures a program that works for no one and in fact causes irreparable harm Given his emphasis on personal choice and free will, he seems to entirely ignore the fact that participating in a twelve step program and accepting its limitations and phil
I read this book to fulfil the goal read a book about a current issue With the opiate epidemic in our hometown the Youngstown valley this certainly qualifies as a current issue While i myself do not have a problem with drugs or alcohol i do have a problem with being addicted to food this book was actually mentioned on a binge eating group i belong too while i would not go so far as this author in his disdain of AA, i do see his point regardless, there are lots of concepts in this book for anyone struggling with anything anyone is doing that they know that they shouldn t do The Beast the pig your lower brain the part that will do anything to survive to do that addiction must be stopped you your true self, the higher brain are in control just don t do it it s that simple yet
This book changed my life Very helpful What a powerful reading experience Highly recommended, not just to addicts. not bad, interesting mind set, I disagree with some of what He writes, as he bases his ideas on what he did not learn in therapy and ultimately calls therapy a waste, which it could be, however, he had to experience this in order to get to where he is at, also, he sort of slams the 12 step program when it has worked for people in the past, present and probably will in the future, obviously he just offers a different route, however, as an author, recovered person, I would hope he could AT LEAST respect other ways of recovery, I feel as though that is the entire point of recoverySo yes, his idea that you can quit at any time, master your mind, would work He does have background on therapy though so, I feel like he alone cannot claim to have this method figured out without that background, I mean, he can, but then he would be dismissing parts of his life, and you cannot really do that saying certain things dont shape you, when everything shapes you, perspective Mr Trimpey the only other thing I disagree on, really
Some of the criticisms of AA and other 12 step programs were valid those programs are certainly not for everyone and should not be revered as the gospel truth However, the author provides very simplified arguements and goes way too far in his criticism of AA More importantly, I was really dismayed by how the author dismisses and minimizes the role of childhood trauma and abuse in substance addiction Yes, adults should take responsibilty for their actions no matter what has happened to them in the past, but some people have truly had such severe trauma that they have no idea how else to cope Telling them to just stop drinking is way too simplistic Worse, there are several parts of the book in which the author implies that people who claim to have been abused as children are probably just imagining it or making it up While I suppose that s possible in rare ca
God knows there needs to be some alternative to the 12 step monopoly when it comes to treating addiction, and this book is a refreshing alternative to the image of the hopeless, eternal alcoholic who has to confess his sins to some imaginary higher power A lot of the advice given is somewhat simplistic and based in common sense, but I don t think that detracts too much from the work We get a little too much of the author s political viewpoints many of which I happen to agree with , which are neither interesting nor relevant I have some issue with his attempted bifurcation of the addict s personality between a proverbial beast who wants you to drink and or use, and the real you Like so many addiction therapies, it falls apart if you put it under too much logical scrut
Ok, so I admit I m not reading this because I am an alcoholic, but I have friends who have been in the past and have recommended it I think it s a really great read for any sort of addiction or habits you are unhappy with Just replace the word drinking or alcohol with your vice of choice I have not finished it admittedly

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