Promoting the Rule of Law Abroad: In Search of Knowledge

Promoting the Rule of Law Abroad: In Search of KnowledgeOver The Past Decade, Carothers Has Established Himself As The Leading U.S Expert On Democracy Promotion He Is A Powerful Critic Not Only Of The Nuts And Bolts Of Democracy Assistance But Also Of U.S Grand Strategy Overall SAIS Review Promoting The Rule Of Law Has Become A Major Part Of Western Efforts To Spread Democracy And Market Economics Around The World Yet, Although Programs To Foster The Rule Of Law Abroad Have Mushroomed, Well Grounded Knowledge About What Factors Ensure Success, And Why, Remains Scarce In Promoting The Rule Of Law Abroad, Leading Practitioners And Policy Oriented Scholars Draw On Years Of Experience In Russia, China, Latin America, Central And Eastern Europe, The Middle East, And Africa To Critically Assess The Rationale, Methods, And Goals Of Rule Of Law Policies These Incisive, Accessible Essays Offer Vivid Portrayals And Penetrating Analyses Of The Challenges That Define This Vital But Surprisingly Little Understood Field Contributors Include Rachel Belton Truman National Security Project , Lisa Bhansali World Bank , Christina Biebesheimer World Bank , Thomas Carothers Carnegie Endowment , Wade Channell, Stephen Golub, And David Mednicoff University Of Massachusetts, Amherst , Laure H L Ne Piron Overseas Development Institute , Matthew Spence Yale Law School , Matthew Stephenson Harvard Law School , And Frank Upham NYU School Of Law. Dry 400 pages Incredible and indispensable resource of information Also, has anyone else ever seen Tom Carothers in person He is the searing vision of a dry academic Even his voice does not betray him If you re interested, there is an incredibly horrible picture of him at All jokes aside, the m
some is very good indeed.

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  • Promoting the Rule of Law Abroad: In Search of Knowledge
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