Changes for the Chalet School

Changes for the Chalet SchoolThe Chalet School Is On The Move Again This Time It Is Going To Switzerland Bride Bettany Is The Head Girl And Is Kept Frantically Busy Preparing For The Move The Dawbarn Twins Plan To Have A Midnight Feast In The Apple Orchard But Everything Goes Wrong. This is the last of the stories set on St Briavel s Island and it is a mixture of looking back lots of footnotes referring to previous books and looking ahead the school is moving to Switzerland next term but not much present There are accounts of two expeditions, one of which actually goes off without incident but the book mainly consists of everyday school life and discussion the new school of what is needs to be done with school equipment etc This doesn t mean it s a dull read,
Thoroughly enjoyed my first time ever reading this Plus points it s the summer term, they re still on the island, Kester Bellever is back on the scene although time has run out for any possibility of a romance with Miss Annersley , and there s a regatta by far the best sort of end of term bash.Minus points ghastly Maynard triplets are back Margot is put in Upper IIIa, and if she works very hard she may get put up to Upper IIIa Who edits these books And of course it s the final term on the island Now, I can understand the school wanting to move to the Swiss Alps I can just about understand Ernest Howells wanting to sell Plas Howell What I can t understand is why he doesn t sell it to the Chalet School, so that the English Welsh branch that stays behind can maintain its close connection with the San the two have always been run in conjunction, remember in the beautiful Golden Valley I mean, who wants to go to school in Carnbach, forever looking across the Sound at the much fun island where the school was briefly located It s also farewell to an excellent bunch of characters notably Tom that we have seen move up the school from juniors to prefects It s never the same once they re pushed over to Welson Changes does, for me, mark the beginning of the downward spiral There s a bit of bobbing up again but from now on the
In this book, the School prepares to leave St Briavel s, where they have been for a while during the war, and return to the Oberland There s not a lot of plot it s very much a formulaic school story, but there s a bit of light relief when the girls visit the Cadbury factory in Birmingham, and have some trouble with pigs at nightBride Bettany is still Head Girl, and the Maynard triplets return from Canada at last, stronger and confident at twelve Margot strikes up a friendship with the unpredictable Emerenc
A Chalet term with no new girls Quite a surprise Still, it was interesting enough fare without being one of the most exciting Fun to see the initial meeting of Margot and Emerence too I hadn t realised there was such an enormous age gap between them Also, I had to laugh at the wonderful product placement They went on an excursion to a chocolate factory NOT the best thing to read on an empty stomach with a guide who spoke to them of the way the great firm of Cadburys looke
Another fun chalet read one of the rarer books This one explores the changes that happen to the schools as it gets ready to leave the island and the majority of the school will move onto the Tirol whilst some will remain in t
The last term on the island Not the usual antics but still good fun. The Chalet School is about to move to Switzerland Bride Bettany, the Head Girl, and the rest of the school are busy preparing for the big move.

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  • Changes for the Chalet School
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