To the Edge of the Sea

To the Edge of the SeaWinner 2011 Saskatchewan Book Award For First BookAlex Was In Harmony With The Water He Taught Himself To Swim And Liked Working The Sea But Always Yearned For Something His Brother Reggie Despised It All And Yearned To Escape Mercy Coles Lived In High Society And Yearned For New Experiences.All Three Would Get Their Wish, But Coincidence Would Shape Those Wishes In Profound Ways Alex Finds Himself On A Circus Trapeze Reggie Joins The Farmer S Protests Against Tax Collectors And Battles His Own Personal Demons Mercy Finds Herself In The Middle Of The Battle For Canadian Confederation With Hard Drinking Politician John A MacDonald. Anne McDonald s To the Edge of the Sea reminds me of Virginia Woolf s writing Reading it is sometimes dizzying as you re drawn into the world of tinkling champagne glasses, fresh strawberries and parties, and Canada s beginnings A ship sits out in the Charlottetown harbour, John A MacDonald freshly showered on deck, impatient, probably hung over, waiting for a welcome from the government delegates who are too languid in the Indian summer sun and too tempted instead by the circus that s in town A single man, William Pope, goes out to greet the Canadians on the ship he was on his own, stepping into the only boat he could find, an old oyster boat with its oars resting in their oarlocks, a barrel of molasses in the stern for ballast, alone, rowing himself out to the Queen Victoria My favourite character is Mercy Coles whose crush on John A is so delicately rendered The author captures so well that feeling of being
Mercy Coles was overlooked by the history books she lived during the days before and after Confederation until author Anne McDonald discovered documents about her This is an interesting viewpoint of that time period in Canadian history, through the eyes of a young woman who was close to th
This is the story of three young people in the summer of 1864, the time of a conference in Charlottetown to discuss the union of the British North American provinces and specifically to urge Prince Edward Island now on the cusp of joining the Canadas to complete the deal It is based on real people and events but it is the fictional story of the three people with vastly different ambitions, trying to accomplish their own dreams while these historic events unfold, that is the core of the book.Alex and Reggie are two brothers who live in a fishing family Reggie the eldest hates the sea, is always sick when he is out on the water and has no love for fishing He is drawn to the land and farming, and wants to till the earth and feel the warmth of the soil beneath his feet rather than the ever moving sea that sends his body into its bottomless heaves Reggie is determined to leave the world of fishing despite the expectations of his strict Father, it is simply a world he hates But he is still not certain how he will accomplish this, and the pull of his Mum and his family holds him back.Alex, the youngest son loves the water, fishing and the life of a fisherman He takes naturally to being on the water, is able to balance easily on the boat s gunwales and is the only one in the family who swims But he longs for adventure and it just might be around the corner He leaves home early one morning without his parent s knowledge and checks out the circus that has come to town He is fascin
This short novel is lyrical and flows between four characters Set in the summer and fall of 1864, this book begins in PEI and takes us across the Canadas to Niagara Falls Two young men in PEI, brothers, Alex and Reggie are very different Reggie, the oldest, is seasick every time he goes out on his father s fishing boat, yet he is the responsible one, the one who asks before he acts Alex is impulsive and a natural fisherman When a circus comes to the island, Alex leaves in the night to go to town to see it He is drawn to the actions of the highwire performers and follows them beyond his island home Reggie is changed by Alex s disappearance and makes choices in his own life that change his life forever.At the same time, the leaders of Upper and Lower Canada come to PEI to try to get agreement to form a nation This is the
To the Edge of the SeaAnne McDonaldThis is a story about the formation of Canada but told through the changes in people s lives.McDonald quotes Goldwin Smith letters referring to Canada 1862 1863 What child if the future could be revealed to it infancy, would not shrink from the changes and burdens even of the most prosperous and heroic life To the Edge of the Sea can be described as a coming of age story for a country and its people However, the author weaves the dichotomy of the consequences of change causing the reader to think rather than just accept that the realization of a dream is a forward movement We follow three families, Prime Minister John A MacDonald, the lover who courts a country, Prince Edward Island fisher s sons, Reggie and Alex, who want to know than fishing and the sea and the Premier of Prince Edward Island, George Coles who accepts the compromises necessity to join a larger land and his daughter, Mercy who wants to know than only her small island McDon
A blend of poetic technique combined with page turning, cliffhanging narrative, this novel evokes a seminal period in Canadian history a time, I might add, that too few Canadians know much about McDonald s prose is fluid and meticulous, the equivalent of sunlight shimmering on
I really don t know what to say about this book I want to apologize to the author for requesting it in the first place I just couldn t get into it I felt like I had to force myself to continue reading The
Oh oh Am I the only one who didn t think so much of it I did not get very far into it, however, so perhaps it picked up later But I found it awkward and contrived.

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