Guardians of the Chiss Key (Star Wars: The Clone Wars Secret Missions, #4)

Guardians of the Chiss Key (Star Wars: The Clone Wars Secret Missions, #4) The Clone Wars Secret Missions Series Of Original Novels Concludes As Nuru Kungurama Returns To The Jedi Temple On Coruscant While The Remaining Members Of Breakout Squad Await Their Next Mission But After An Alien Escape Pod Vanishes From Jedi Archives, Nuru Finds Himself Flung Toward A Fateful Encounter With His Own Jedi Master, Ring Sol Ambase. Star Wars Legends Project 130 Background Guardians of the Chiss Key was written by Ryder Windham and published in March of 2012 In addition to his extensive involvement with dozens of Star Wars publications, Windham also wrote the previous books in this series Guardians of the Chiss Key takes place during the Clone Wars, 21 22 years before the Battle of Yavin It picks up where Duel at Shattered Rock my review left off The book takes place concurrently with the events of Dooku Captured and The Gungan General, episodes 11 and 12 of the first season of The Clone Wars TV series The main characters are the same as the last book Nuru Kungurama, Breaker, Sharp, Knuckles, Chatterbox, Cleaver, and Lalo Gunn The major action of the story takes place on Coruscant.Summary Nuru Kungurama returns to Coruscant, still no closer to solving the many mysteries surrounding his previous missions, to find a new puzzle awaiting him A Jedi scholar has been researching the Chiss pod he was discovered in as an infant and believes he has uncovered something important Unfortunately, the pod is also the key to Count Dooku s plot involving Nuru s missing master, Ring Sol Ambase Will the Sith s schemes succeed, or can the two Jedi unravel the mystery before their confrontation ends in tragedy Review So, finally everything comes to a head, and we get to the bottom of what all of this incredibly
Story 6 10Pro Nuru is one great Jedi, Can t wait to see from him in the futureCon Why Sidious s plan and elaborate scheme makes no sense view spoiler Was his goal just to cause Ambase and Nuru to fight and cause Ambase to leav
When you end a book with nearly every character saying they were confused and didn t understand what happened, it s not a good sign.But the characters were cute and now I put this book down weeping while imagining Nuru will be soon facing his Order 66 nightmare. An OK young readers series, but not even in the same galaxy far, far away, you might say as Jude Watson s earlier young reader series. Asher 7yo read.

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  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Guardians of the Chiss Key (Star Wars: The Clone Wars Secret Missions, #4)
  • Ryder Windham
  • English
  • 13 November 2019
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