Vanity Fair

Vanity FairVanity Fair Is A Story Of Two Heroines One Humble, The Other Scheming And Social Climbing Who Meet In Boarding School And Embark On Markedly Different Lives Amid The Swirl Of London S Posh Ballrooms And Affairs Of Love And War, Their Fortunes Rise And Fall Through It All, Thackeray Lampoons The Shallow Values Of His Society, Reserving The Most Pointed Barbs For The Upper Crust What Results Is A Prescient Look At The Dogged Pursuit Of Wealth And Status And The Need For Humility Reprint. A biting and witty satire on English social life and customs during the first part of the nineteenth century, its subtitle is a novel without a hero, and it could also be added without heroines Yet the book s two central characters, the virtuous but dim and naive Amelia Sedley and the amoral, clever, congenial Becky Sharp both display admirable and distressing qualities as they rise, fall, and rise again in society One of the great virtues of Vanity Fair is that while it is told in hilarious prose, with short burst of genuine pathos, it was praised by its contemporaries as a thoroughly realistic account of the society that it portrays.Davidson s dry and somewhat snooty tone as a nar