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The Development Dictionary In This Pioneering Collection, Some Of The World S Most Eminent Critics Of Development Review The Key Concepts Of The Development Discourse In The Post War Era.Each Essay Examines One Concept From A Historical And Anthropological Point Of View And Highlights Its Particular Bias Exposing Their Historical Obsolescence And Intellectual Sterility, The Authors Call For A Bidding Farewell To The Whole Eurocentric Development Idea This Is Urgently Needed, They Argue, In Order To Liberate People S Minds In Both North And South For Bold Responses To The Environmental And Ethical Challenges Now Confronting Humanity.These Essays Are An Invitation To Experts, Grassroots Movements And Students Of Development To Recognize The Tainted Glasses They Put On Whenever They Participate In The Development Discourse. This is a very informative and concise book on the evolution of development as a concept, with specific references to the history of development as a process Postwar world order that praised development through various discourses disguised the detrimental impact of development recipes imposed from outside The book provides a criti
More than excellent To reconsider the world we live in and the main abstracts that control us.. Initially this was my amnesia solution once i try to read the introduction i fall asleep However, couple of months ago i started using it for a research paperAnd it hit me like a storm This is a book that every collage student should read wither if you belong to 1st,2nd,3rd,4th or even 5th world country Its just refreshing,all the concepts that we were force fed from childhood if your born in the 80 s comme moi till today through the media e.g development science technology result in no Initially this was my amnesia solution once i try to read the introduction i fall asleep However,
An awesome guide to various terms within the development industry Intellectual Genealogies that get to the root of some of development s most disturbing premises. A true classic Essays on the meanings behind words that are thrown out in the Western world to promote our ideal development I can read it over and over again.Recommended I m reading this right now, and I keep wishing I had read it a few years ago really important stuff, really important questions. this book is very perfect.Everyone looking for reality must read this book. good introduction I enjoyed it and it is useful at making you think about development concepts and our assumptions of what they mean It is post development. good selection of essays on various topics related to development an excellent critique of the concept of development and the so called 3rd world.

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