Power of Israel in the United States

Power of Israel in the United States This Book Is A Chapter By Chapter Analysis And Documentation Of The Power Of Israel Via The Israeli, Jewish Or Pro Zionist Lobby On US Middle East Policy It Raises Serious Questions As To The Primary Beneficiary Of US Policy, And Its Destructive Results For The United States The Extraordinary Extent Of US Political, Economic, Military And Diplomatic Support For The State Of Israel Is Explored, Along With The Means Whereby Such Support Is Generated And Consolidated Contending That Zionist Power In America Ensured Unconditional US Backing For Israeli Colonization Of Palestine And Its Massive Uprooting Of Palestinians, It Views The Interests Of Israel Rather Than Those Of Big Oil As The Primary Cause Of The Disastrous US Wars Against Iraq And Threats Of War Against Iran And Syria It Demonstrates And Condemns US Imitation Of Israeli Practice As It Relates To Conduct Of The War On Terrorism And Torture It Sheds Light On The AIPAC Spying Scandal And Other Israeli Espionage Against America The Fraudulent And Complicit Role Of America S Academic Terrorist Experts In Furthering Criminal Government Policies, And The Orchestration Of The Danish Cartoons To Foment Antipathy Between Muslims And The West It Questions The Inability In America To Sustain Or Even Formulate A Discourse Related To The Subject Of Israeli Influence On The United States It Calls For A Review Of American Mid East Policy With A View To Reclaiming US Independence Of Action Based Upon Enlightened Self Interest And Progressive Principles. I don t really have much of an opinion on this book Mainly because Petras comes off as a terrible writer Yes, the Israel lobby is one of the most powerful lobbies in the country, but this book leaves you feeling that the Israel Lobby is the ONLY lobby that shapes American foreign policy and any such view should be held with great suspicion However, I do agree with Petras that Chomsky tends to dismiss the Lobby s significance The problem with this book is that it is written with too much passion Petras leaves himself very vulnerable to attacks of anti semitism even if this is not the case The facts should hav
Not sure when I will get to this, but hopefully someday . He didn t say anything new about the actions going around, but the mechanisms is very shocking, very interesting book. This is an awesome book A lot of truths in one book.I would recommend this book to anyone looking for proof about the influence of the Jewish Lobbies upon the world. I just found this book through a friend I have the translated edition I hope it presents something new I do not like the translation Thanx God I found the original book.

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  • Paperback
  • 191 pages
  • Power of Israel in the United States
  • James F. Petras
  • English
  • 25 November 2018
  • 9780932863515