The Mysterious Mr Quin

The Mysterious Mr QuinMeneer Satterthwaite Is Een Kleine Onopvallende Man, Die Hunkert Naar Avontuur En Romantiek Vooral Onopgeloste Misdaden Fascineren Hem.En Dan, Plotseling, Duikt Harley Quin Op In Zijn Leven Niemand Weet Wie Hij Is Niemand Weet Waar Hij Vandaan Komt Maar Hij Inspireert Meneer Satterthwaite Tot Het Oplossen Van Onverklaarbare Misdaden. According to me, this is one of the underrated gems of Agatha Christie, where she flirts with fantasy Even though none of the stories except the last one Harlequin s Lane cross over into fantasy territory, they are always on the borderline That Christie does this without straining our credibility speaks volumes for her mastery of the medium.Mr Harley Quin is a thinly disguised Harlequin, transported into modern England His specialty he allows one to solve mysteries by stripping away the unnecessary details He does this by asking one to imagine that the events happened in the remote past, to strangers this removes the personal element from the equation and allows one to see clearer Mr Satterthwaite, an elderly bachelor who is interested in human beings and their affairs, is the usual beneficiary of Quin s method.Most of the mysteries in the volume are dark and brooding The first story, The Coming of Mr Quin, sets the tone for the whole book when Quin appears at the doorstep of the country house where Mr Satterthwaite happens to be spending his New Year s Eve, as the first visitor of the year As he steps across the threshold, a queer trick of the light appears to give the impression that the visitor is dressed in motley and is wearing a mask T
4.5 Sentiment beloonged to his age It had no part to play in the modern world This is a Christie that is totally different from the one you and I know, or knew, or thought we knew Even in her most known and appreciated works, she always flirts with the supernatural and the mysterious, but, this time around, flirting isn t enough for her any this time, she abandons herself to it and yet without giving the impression of fully doing it It s a mystery in itself, how she did it, the main and the most dense of the whole collection Not once does the reader feel mocked or wronged because of the peculiar air the arcane presence of Mr Harley Quin bestows on these stories, which is, to me, another marvellous paradox, being they crime stories and Christie s at that Agatha Christie, mother of the rational, precise, objective, infallible Hercule Poirot, and now she gives birth to this ghost, this wraith, this shadow of a man who appears, magically, whenever and wherever a new tragedy is about to happen or an old one needs to be put to sleep I would have d
This is the only book of Harley Quin written by Agatha Christie and it is unlike any other Christie novel.A collection of 12 short stories where the recurring characters are Mr Harley Quin and Mr Satterthwaite Mr Satterthwaite is different from Christie s other side kick Mr.Hastings of Poirot series He is from British Upper class, is 60 years old and loves his comfort.Coming to Mr.Harley Quin, again very different from the famous Poirot or Miss Marple This was Mr.Quin s doing It was he was staging the play was giving the actors their cues He was at the heart of the mystery pulling the strings, making the puppets work He knew everything The mystery solving was not the usual kind In some of the stories Mr.Quin did not even need to go to the crime scene Just by playing on people s perception of what they have seen and how things could have happened, he is able to solve the mystery Mr Quin is a friend or should I say, an acquaintance of mine He is a most remarkable man One of these amateur solvers of crime, I suppose, remarked the Inspector disparagingly No, said Mr.Satterthwaite he is not that kind of man at all But he has a power an almost uncanny power of showing you what you have seen with your own eyes, of making clear to you what you have heard with your own ears I liked the technique used to solve most of the mysteries but none of the stories made me bite my fingers or make my heart stop 2 of the s
Choose Your Own Adventure You are the Mysterious Mr Quinn You are ever so mysterious And yet you do not really hold a candle to Poirot or Marple or even the Tuppences Your adventures are boring your mysteries are
I am going to give this collection of short stories 5 stars because I truly cannot find fault with it I just reviewed The Labours of Hercules and remarked that sometimes Christie had to force the stories to fit the theme, to their detriment With Mr Quin, there is no such strain the overarching motif stories with a touch of the supernatural and the whimsical is elastic enough to accommodate a fine variety of excellent stories I think this collection is unique in that Dame Agatha had the chance to integrate the two sides of her authorial persona Mary Westmacott, the romantic Englishwoman, and Agatha Christie, the Queen of Crime The result is a collection of stories with a romantic or Gothic atmosphere that ultimately with one or two notable exceptions resolve into a logical and clever solution.I also think that the mystery of Harley Quin himself is quite fascinating He is a shadowy figure from the underworld who appears to intercede on behalf of the dead those who have a mystery to solve or a wrong to set right He or less follows the pattern of the Harlequin character from the Italian Commedia dell arte, and he is attractive, beguiling, and at times extremely frightening He l
Ratings SOLID 05 STARS Shelved as Favs Fav Mystery Novels Status wow, in love with Mr Harley Quin. 3Well, well, well, how to start this review..First, I am not ashamed to say that I didn t really feel this book at the very beginning. Idek why, it felt so heavy I thought oh god, I really wanted it to be a lovely read. I was kinda disappointed So, I ve decided to put the book down for a little bit Which did me good because I knew I was going to get back to it after some time..And oh when I decided it was time for me to read it again. It was slowly getting better. Until I actually started drowning in every page, line, word. It gave me a sense of relief because I really wanted to enjoy the book It s funny how it doesn t sound at all that im talking about a mystery book Ahahaha But that s the truth, I guess I ve got the HarleyQuin Effect i just made that up but this character is just beautiful, it s better to describe it as breathtaking I loved it Loved absolutely everything about it. I felt excatly what Mr Satterthwaite had felt to his friend It was strangely beautiful the affect that he had on us. I quote Folks that come go a very apt description of Mr Quin I m in love with his character, I wanna befriend him, just like Mr Satterthwaite did. At some point, it made me wonder for how long they ve been seeing each other I only had the answer towards the very end, because one just couldn t tell. It seemed all like a big mystery.I quote Perhaps, as
1 2.5 2 2 3 3 4 3.5 5 5 6 1 7 1 8 1 9 2 10 2 11 1 12 2 One of my favorite collection of short stories, all tied together around the realm of the harlequinade as experienced by the dapper, if wizened, Mr Satterthwaite.As others have mentioned, there s no sense of strain in these stories, no sense that the beloved by many, Agatha Christie, had problems matching Mr Quin to his supernatural side, by bringing in the ever curious Mr Satterthwaite to help bring walking spirits to rest, perhaps bring the guilty to justice, and even to help the lonely discover love Does he save the doomed I like to break enough of the spoiler free to yes.If you want well written stories that are not mysteries in the sense of stories to be solved You can find few finer collections than this one These are literary fiction with fantasy and mystery twined within.Before she became Dame Christie, Agatha Christie wrote her favorites from this collection were World s End, TheMan from the Sea, and Harlequin s Lane I
A charming collection of Agatha Christie stories, all revolving around a man with the unlikely name of Harley Quin.Mr Quin appears and disappears suddenly But if the protagonist, Mr Satterthwaite, sees him, he knows that something exciting is about to happen.This book focused on suicide than other Agatha Christie books I ve read Some stories didn t deal with murder or suicide, but the majority did.1 The Coming of Mr Quin Harley Quin shows up unexpectedly at a New Year s Eve dinner party and solves a decade old mystery In what is a classic Harley Quin theme, Quin helps Satterthwaite to determine who the true murderer was a decade ago and clear the name of someone who was suffering the effects of being under suspicion This someone was planning to commit suicide, but because of Satterthwaite Quin s intervention decides not to True love triumphs.2 The Shadow on the Glass A weekend party to which Mr Satterthwaite has been invited Two people you d never suspect have an affair Both are dead A murder suicide on the part of the male is suspected Mr Quin comes in at the end to help Satterthwaite put it all together.3 At the Bells and Motley Rather far fetched story about acrobats and cat burglars.4 The Sign in the Sky Mr Satterthwaite actually travels to Ca
It is a collection of twelve stories that Agatha wrote for various magazines between 1924 1929 These were then compiled in a single edition in 1930 In 1953 Penguin published ten of Christie s novels of her liking and this edition was one of them In special foreword written by Agatha she picks three stories as her