Duck & Company Christmas

Duck & Company Christmas It S Christmastime At Duck Company Bookshop, But The Holiday Season Doesn T Feel Right Without Snow In The Meantime There Is Lots Of Hubbub In The Store Weasel Throws A Fit About Gift Wrapping, The Gingerbread House Makes A Tempting Snack For Little Peep, And The Hockey Team Keeps Romping Through The Store On Christmas Eve The Weather Finally Cooperates, Bringing A Massive Snowstorm Duck And Rat S Friends Are Stranded On Their Journeys Home And Make Their Way To The Bookshop For The Night The Result A Very Merry, Albeit Unplanned, Christmas Kathy Caple S Duck Company Returns For A Festive Holiday In This Charming Chapter Book. Book Store owners Duck Rat prepare for the Christmas season by opening their store for friends, neighbors and customers The final outcome is a celebration and good time had by all. Several chapters They make a gingerbread house They share it with everyone There is a snowstorm Everyone spends the night and Santa visits during the night The next day there is a new gingerbread house and everyone has presents. This has chapters way too long for me to be reading before bedtime But not the worst story Little Peep nails it. Duck owns a bookstore, and he and his friends are preparing for Christmas Their crafty activities are divided into chapters, making this a longer picture book Cartoony illustrations make the story fun. Several small Christmas stories tied together in one picture book that is fun to share around the holidays. It s a cute book. Duck and rat are busy preparing their shoppe for Christmas Even though everything does not go according plan a wonderful Christmas is had and shared with friends. An enjoyable, merry tale.

[Ebook] ➩ Duck & Company Christmas  ➨ Kathy Caple –
  • Hardcover
  • 48 pages
  • Duck & Company Christmas
  • Kathy Caple
  • English
  • 22 December 2018
  • 9780823422395